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Eastville's Star Spangled Day
June 9, 2012

It was a wonderful day!!

So good, in fact, that this page will remain posted for a while as a reminder of just how good it was, and as a continuing "Thank You" to all our Sponsors and Volunteers


Historic Eastville, Northampton County’s seat since 1677, commemorated the two hundredth anniversary of the War of 1812 and the writing of The Star Spangled Banner with a gala festival “Eastville’s Star Spangled Day” on Saturday, June 9, 2012. Eastville’s celebration was in part under the auspices of Eastern Shore of Virginia Festivals’ (ESVAF, INC.) Tall Ships at Cape Charles festival June 8-12 in association with OpSail 2012 Virginia™ .

Eastville boasts one of the most vibrant histories of any town on Virginia’s Eastern Shore having been the home to the oldest continuous court records in the nation, since 1632. The town’s history also boasts a rebellion of taxation without representation a full century before the Boston Tea Party and the public reading of The Declaration of Independence from the steps of the Old Courthouse on August 13, 1776. The Court Green is one of the oldest intact court greens in the nation. The Old Courthouse dates from 1731, the Old Clerk’s Office c. 1800, and the Old Debtor’s Prison c. 1815.

On Eastville’s Star Spangled Day, the historic buildings were open to the public with members of the Preservation Virginia Association (PVA) serving as costumed docents to give tours. Visitors were invited to enjoy a Walk Thru Eastville-A Walk Thru History, a self-guided walking tour with an accompanying brochure of Eastville. Also open for visitors that day was the historic Christ Episcopal Church (1828).

The historic Eastville Inn was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yuk-Yuk and Joe’s  offered boxed lunches at the event and was open for lunch and dinner at their place of business, also.

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The town’s festival lineup included the following events and times
(for a town map showing the location of events,
Click Here)
(for a printable event listing,
Click Here)

All events centered around the Eastville Inn and the Old Court Green except the weddings which were at the Town Park, and the Crystal Concerts which were at historic Christ Episcopal Church (1828). Throughout the day visitors could enjoy the self guided walking tour with accompanying brochure A Walk through Eastville A Walk through History and visit the church and colonial buildings on the green with costumed docents from our Preservation Virginia (PVA) chapter. An activity bus and wagon and buggy rides was also available. Children were entertained with the latter in addition to bubbles, getting their faces painted and their hair woven with feathers.

9:00 - 1:00  A rare opportunity will be available for historians and genealogists as the Circuit Court with our original court records will be open for research between the hours of 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  Also, while the Circuit Court is open, the Clerk will be happy to issue marriage license, since June is the wedding month.  The marriage licenses are available with the payment of $30.00 cash with both the bride and groom present and each must have a valid state-issued picture ID with a control number, such as a driver’s license. (location A)  

10:00  Music - Native American Flute Instruction and Performance by Alan Stanz who is the Visitor Services Manager at the Eastern Shore National Wildlife Service at Kiptopeake.  He is also a professional musician and has performed all over the world.  He was a member of the U.S. Navy Band in a previous life. (Location C)

SFC Alvy Powell

10:30  Opening Ceremonies with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner on the Court Green with Alan Stanz on solo saxophone and welcome greetings by Jim Sturgis, Mayor and  Katie Nunez, County Administrator. SFC. Alvy Powell, bass-baritone of the U.S. Army Chorus will then sing the National Anthem as he has for Presidents. (Location B)

11:00 Speaker Series - DR. PAUL EWELL-19th Century Chesapeake Bay Workboats – 1899 Courthouse, upstairs (handicapped accessible)-Dr. Paul L. Ewell will narrate a presentation chronicling the types of sailing vessels used for commercial fishing and transport purposes on the Chesapeake Bay and the seaside of the Eastern Shore of Virginia during and after the War of 1812. Included will be a discussion of skipjacks, bugeyes, pungies, schooners, rams, sailing scows, log canoes, brogans, and sailing skiffs.  Numerous photos and artifacts will be available for viewing. An outdoor exhibit will offer visitors the opportunity to see a modern vessel and its associated equipment used in commercial industry. (Location D)

12:00 - 1:00 Music - “3 SHEETS” is Owen Hooks, Thom Nolan and Bill Troxler. The trio delivers a mix of Celtic, nautical, traditional and contemporary music to audiences. Owen sings tenor harmony and plays guitar and mandolin.  He is a veteran of several recordings and groups including RED LETTER DAY and SALT GRASS. Thom sings lead baritone and plays percussion.  Thom was a mainstay in the California based, Irish music recording and touring group CLADDAGH.  Bill plays hammer dulcimer, cittern, guitar, banjo, concertina and other instruments. He toured and recorded with the Maryland based duo FULCRUM BRIDGE. (Location C)

Mike Hinman

12:30 Demonstration - MIKE “FIERCE ARROW” HINMAN- Vice-Council of the  Accohannock Indian Tribe- he will provide an Eastern Woodland Indian Primitive Weapon demonstration (Location E)

1:00 Music - THE MESSAGE CHOIR-the Multi-ethnic Eastern Shore Spirituals and Group Ensemble. MESSAGE is a volunteer youth choir based in Virginia’s Eastern Shore. The choir convenes to learn Negro spirituals such as Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Amen. (Location C)

1:30 Speaker Series - DOUGLAS ARVIDSON-The Secrets of the Ancient Pacific Navigators and The War of 1812: The Star Connection- Speaker-author & mariner -1899 Courthouse, upstairs (handicapped accessible) (Location D)

2:00 - 3:00  Music - The “3 SHEETS” Trio returns to the back porch of the Inn - see above (Location C)

3:00 Speaker Series with Mike “Fierce Arrow” Hinman, Tribal Historian and Vice Council of the Accohonnock Indian Tribe will speak on the history of the local tribes and clarify the history of their culture. He will be happy to take questions. (Location D)

3:00  Music - The Heavenly Wings Over Jordan Gospel Group which include Jerome Custis, George Christion, Edward Tucker, Elijah Corbin, and Kevin Starchley.(Location C)

3:00 TACK INTO EASTVILLE and TIE THE KNOT - Weddings at the Eastville Town Park-anyone wishing to get married on this special day, who has the proper marriage license, or any couples who would like to renew their vows need to be at the town park for their wedding ceremony at the gazebo. (Location F)

4:00 & 5:15  Music - DEAN SHOSTAK’S CRYSTAL CONCERT is a multi-media concert that introduces audiences to glass instruments. A special part of the concert will be with the Grande Glass Harmonicon invented by Benjamin Franklin and similar to the one on display in the Chrysler Museum which is from Eastville.  Mr. Shostak has been featured on All Things Considered, The Early Show, CNN and HGTV, to name a few.  The concert will be held at the historic Christ Episcopal Church. (Location G).  Concert pictures can be found HERE

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Also participating at Eastville’s Star Spangled Day
are numerous local artists and vendors (Location C):



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