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Have You PowWowed Lately?


The Eastville Town Council, Northampton County, and the Accohannock sponsored a PowWow at Indiantown Park, the Original Gingaskin Reservation 1640-1813, to raise awareness of our Indian Heritage over Memorial Day Weekend, 2013.  The Accohannock are the northernmost extension of the Powhatan Empire.   Our local Indian Tribe was the Accomack, the southern extension of Powhatan’s Empire here on the Shore.  The event provided an opportunity for people in our community to better understand the indigenous peoples that were here when the colonists arrived.  As there are many here who have ancestors that were Native American, there were opportunities to learn more about some of the stories that were passed down in the family.  Activities included drumming, singing, dancing in regalia, Indian flute music by Alan Stanz, Native American primitive weapon displays, Native American vendors, face painting, and some great Native American food (Famous Accohannock Oyster Sandwiches, Seafood, Indian Tacos, Buffalo Burgers and more).  All vendors were Native American.

There were displays of pipes and arrowheads (projectile points) and all visitors were invited to bring their best pieces for sharing and identification.  Traditional hunting bows and arrows were on display, and their makers were present for questions and answers about traditional hunting.

Native American genealogist, Sherry Majors held a free workshop for researching Indian genealogy at the Clerk’s office. 



PowWow Schedule


Homecoming PowWow
'Coming Full Circle'
Featuring the Accohannock Tribe

Memorial Day Weekend
10 am - 5 pm, May 25 - 26, 2013
(rain or shine)

Indiantown Park
Original Gingaskin Reservation 1640-1813

Click Here for PowWow Brochure

Click Here for a PowWow Slideshow

Pauwau Grand Entry
Saturday 12 Noon & Sunday 1 pm

Meet Tribal Historian Mike ‘Fierce Arrow’ Hinman
and Chief Rudy ‘Laughing Otter’ Hall

Suggested Donation
$4 per person
Scouts in uniform & children
under 6, no obligation

Dancers & Drummers
Face Painting &
Native American Vendors

Eastern Woodland
Indians’ Primitive
Weapons, Artifacts
+ Displays

Famous Accohannock Oyster Sandwiches
Seafood, Indian Tacos, Buffalo Burgers & More

Bring Lawn Chairs, Blankets & Shade Umbrellas





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